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Surfacing Earth

After hundreds of years of subterranean shelter, waiting for the fallout to subside, the first men tear their way from the vaults through the Earths crust to the surface in huge crawling machines for a first glance at the world they left in an atomic ravage. For the first time since the Sun had become a myth in tales of the old generation, man will feel the warmth of her rays once again. Surfacing Earth is about the intensity of crawling through the dark soil, breaking through the last layers of rock and discovering a bright and relentlessly invigorating sun.

The Miracle Of Life

The strongest survivor of the grand atomic storm has been emerging meticulously after the fallout has set - life itself miraculously overcomes even the harshest environment. From microbiology to insects and from lush flora to savage fauna, life has adapted and regrown, stronger and more beautiful than ever, free from human suppression.

A New Dusk

Man has seen the sun rays once again after hundreds of years of darkness and at the end of that first new day, the first new sun sets. It sets over a a landscape, familiar yet alien, that is buzzing with life as the sky turns red. A last green flare spikes up when the last glow of our great warming giant disappears and time seems to slow down just to stretch this baffling moment. Now thin orange clouds gently subside to make way for the starry cover of deep blue night sky.


released March 22, 2017




Siq NB, The Netherlands

I like music that is original. I prefer a little odd, somewhat raw or boldly different just to dodge the renowned labels and genres. Just like everybody else :)

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